CCS At-Home Learning

Overview and Information

This site contains resources for you to continue learning while Cleveland City Schools is not meeting in person. You'll find activities for each grade level as well as information for PE, music, STEAM/Careers, library, counseling, Special Education, and ESL services.

Please access the posted activities on this website to review and prepare for next school year. The Reading Resource and Library page has many offerings for continued reading throughout the summer. May you and your family have a wonderful summer.

Weekly Assignments

STEAM and Careers


Contact your Classroom Teacher or ESL Teacher for your login to this program:

iReady Link

Contact your ESL Teacher for Login Info for these programs:

Imagine Learning At Home Link

Ticket to Read Link

Kids A-Z Link

Brain Pop ELL Link

ReadWorks Link

ESL At Home 4 Week Learning Plans (Grades K-8)

Below are some simple activities you can do each day to help your English Learners practice their language skills.

ESL at Home English

ESL at Home Spanish

ESL at Home French

WIDA At Home Learning Resources - NEW!! 4/16/2020

Learning Language Everyday: Activities for Families

Aprendiendo lenguaje todos los días: Actividades para familias

School ESL Websites

Blythe-Bower ESL Website

Arnold Memorial ESL Website

Candy's Creek Cherokee ESL Website

E.L. Ross Elementary ESL Website - NEW 5/07/20

Yates Primary ESL Website

ESL Teachers in Grades K-8 are setting up contacts with parents via the Remind app with communication sent directly to your cell phone number. Just text the codes below or reply YES to the Remind invitation from your child’s ESL Teacher in order to receive important updates from our department. By communicating this way, we can easily send information in each family’s home language. In addition, parents can contact us by replying to these texts in the home language, and we are able to translate your replies.

CHS ESL Teachers are reaching out using a similar program called Talking Points.

ESL Teachers will be available from the hours of 8:30-11:00 a.m. and 1:00-3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday to connect with you through email or texts sent through the Remind app. Please let us know what we can do to help!

ESL Teacher contacts for each school are as follows:

District ESL Supervisor

Christy Duncan -

Arnold Memorial Elementary

Text @eslarn to 81010 to join ARNOLD REMIND

Charlotte Hallman -

Leslie Melton -

Blythe-Bower Elementary

Text @8ge9eh to 81010 to join BB REMIND

Stephen Duncan -

Chrystal Morrison -

Glenda Taylor -

Candy’s Creek Cherokee Elementary

Text @2ff3k6 to 81010 to join Candy's Creek SPANISH REMIND

Text @ce92ce to 81010 to join Candy's Creek ENGLISH REMIND

Lisa Eason -

Brenda Martin -

Mayfield Elementary

Text 2cbsW2020 to 81010 to join MAYFIELD REMIND

Shanda Wingfield -

Cassie Bailey -

George R. Stuart Elementary

Erin Holland -

Nikki Burton -

E.L. Ross Elementary

Text @elrosse to 81010 to join E.L.ROSS REMIND

Jacqueline Brown -

D.P. Yates Primary

Text @mrsyaych to 81010 to join YATES REMIND

Irina Yaychenya -

Cleveland Middle School

Becca Cathell -

Text @esl1cms to 81010 to join Cathell 1st Block REMIND

Text @esl3cms to 81010 to join Cathell 3rd Block REMIND

Text @esl4cms to 81010 to join Cathell 4th Block REMIND

Cori Lawson -

Text @1920esl to join Lawson 6th REMIND

Text @7f3kh7 to join Lawson 7th REMIND

Erin LaFever -

Cleveland High School

Anna Hutt -

Cari Bosserdet -

Audra Olinger -

Special Education

Extended Resource

UNIQUE Curriculum Link

Unique is an online curriculum that has been purchased for our students in extended resource classrooms for several years. It is designed to move students with moderate disabilities toward grade level standards. All lessons are linked to grade level standards. Each lesson and activity has three levels of participation, based upon student profiles that are completed by the teacher. Materials are set up to be taught in monthly science or social studies themed units. Pre- and post- assessments are available to measure student progress. Benchmark testing is also available to track academic readiness, language arts, and math skills. Materials can be accessed online or printed. Completion of assignments can be checked online through the teacher account.

Teachers can provide students log in information and push out daily assignments. Several students enrolled in this class have already been using this platform.

Discovery Preschool

The Discovery Preschool wants to give you some ideas of things you can work on with your

kiddo at home. The list of activities are some fun activities to expose your child to learning

activities.Some of the things listed below your child has not mastered! THAT’S OKAY!! Please

do not get frustrated. We do not want you or your child frustrated at learning! You also do not

have to do everything on the list! Feel free to take breaks in between each activity. All students

learn through modeling. Getting up and dancing and singing songs with them benefits their

learning. You will feel silly and that’s okay! We do it everyday and we love it! We miss all of our

friends and can’t wait for school to start back! Until then stay healthy and safe! Please let us

know if you have any questions or need more advice on an activity. We are here to help.

Our virtual office hours are Monday- Friday 8:30am- 11:00am and 1:00pm- 3:00pm. You can

message us via remind, send us emails, or call us via google voice.

Mrs. Danielle’s email address is and her google voice number

is 423-380-8395.

Mrs. Julianna’s email address is and her google voice number is


If you would like to have a video conference with us let us know and we can create a Google Hangout. If you would like to do this 1) you will need a google email account 2) download the Google hangouts/ meets on your phone OR you can use Google meets via your computer.


Cleveland City Schools' counseling staff will continue to support students while schools are closed. You may contact the counselors by using their e-mail address during this time.

We want to hear from you!

Arnold Memorial Elementary - Kathleen Wilson -

Blythe-Bower Elementary - Laura Murray -

Candy's Creek Cherokee Elementary - Emily Elliott -

Mayfield Elementary - Michele LeFoy -

Stuart Elementary - Evan Powell -

E.L. Ross Elementary - Luz Price -

Yates Primary - Shellie Lowden -

Cleveland Middle School

6th Grade - Lauren Lastoria -

7th Grade - Tammy Adams -

8th Grade- Amy McGowan-

Cleveland High School

Counseling Coordinator- Becky Guthrie -

9th Grade- Miranda Whittington -

10th Grade- Darrell Tullier -

11th Grade- Last Name A-J - Blair Deacon-Smith -

11th Grade - Last Name K-Z- Mandy Rominger-

12th Grade- Last Name A-J - Blair Deacon-Smith -

12th Grade- Last Name K-Z- Mandy Rominger -

Learning Support Specialists

Elementary - Jemelle Jones -

Seconday - Lisa Wiley-

Additional Resources

Talking with Children About Coronavirus Disease

United Way - Ocoee Connect